Ashima Shrink Tube is regarded as the best on the market. The tube remains stiff after shrinking. This gives extra stiffness and rigidity to the rig

Shrink tube is supplied in 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2.4mm inside diameters.

Available colours are: Black, Clear, Brown and Green




 Our 2m lenghts of Rig Tube are ideal for strenghtening the last bit of main line before the lead. The tube is much heavier than water letting it sink quickly to the bottom and let it lie there statically. It will also help prevent the hook tangling in the main line.

Supplied on 2m lengths in the colours: Black, Green and Brown



 Many of our customers have asked us to manufacture Silicone rig tube in 2m lengths for use as rig tube instead of the more usual PVC material. Silicone is heavier than PVC and also softer. The silicone tube will therefore sink quickly and follow the contours of the bottom better than PVC.

Supplied on 2m lengths  in the colours: Dark Brown and Green


 Slicone tubing is used in a variety of ways, but usually in very short lengths to apply to the hook.

Silicon tube is available in 0,5mm 0,75mm, 1mm and 1.5mm Inside Diameters

Available colours are: Clear and Black